Rabaconda Manual Tire Changer Machine

Why is rabaconda called the 3 minute tire changer?

They consequently, named it the 3-Minute Tire Changer. Since 2012, more than 15,000 riders have changed their attitude towards tire changing thanks to the Rabaconda tire change tools. Today, Rabaconda is changing riders’ lives all around the world, 3 minutes at a time.

Is there a generation 4 rabaconda tyre changer?

The generation 4 Rabaconda tyre changer has the following improvements and new features compared to the popular 2016 model. This is a quality workshop tool, that will pay for itself over a couple of seasons by extending the life of your bib mousse. it makes removing and cleaning them after an event as easy as cleaning an air filter.

Is there a manual tire changer for motorcycles?

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Is the rabaconda Bib Mousse tyre changer UK?

We are the UK Importer and now have over 3000 Rabaconda users who agree it’s the only Bib-Mousse changer to use. The ultra light-weight folding design stands sets it apart from other tyre changers, as it stows away in a neat bag whilst in transit, and doesn’t take up room in your workshop in the way traditional bulky mousse boards do.


With its uniquely compact and portable design, this motorcycle tire changer by Rabaconda is perfect for any bike enthusiast. Thanks to a series of nifty design features, experienced users should be able to change a tire in as little as 44 seconds. The machine stands at a conveniently ergonomic height, eliminating back pain and allowing you to work standing up.

The versatile machine is suitable for use with a huge array of wheels, from 16 to 21 inches. Tubeless, bib mousse, tire balls, Tubliss, and tires with a regular tube set up can all be changed with this useful machine. Between uses, the device can be easily disassembled and stored in a convenient carrying case. When you need to use the tire changer once again, it can be put back together in seconds without the need for tools. When not in use, the device can double up as a convenient motorcycle tire stand. Backed by a lifetime warranty, you can rest assured this tire changing stand is built to last.


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