Quality Plastics Utility RV Leveling Blocks

What kind of plastic blocks are used for RV leveling?

Lynx Levelers are a set of interlocking plastic blocks that not only configure to fit any leveling function, but also withstand tremendous weight. The Leveler 10 Pack comes… Trailer Aid™ Tire Changing Ramp by Camco®. Trailer-Aid is the fast, safe and easy way to change a trailer’s flat tire.

Which is better, wooden or plastic leveling blocks?

They are reliable and reasonably priced, yet heavy, so you need to keep in mind the added weight of such blocks when loading your RV or trailer to its maximum. Unlike wooden blocks, their plastic counterparts are lightweight, however, they tend to cracks and breaks, so it’s better to use them with smaller RVs and trailers.

What can Lynx levelers be used for on the road?

Stay safe while traveling on the road with Lynx Levelers 10-Pack RV Leveling Blocks. Ideal for use while on the highway or at home, this set includes necessary repair items that every mobile home owner should have. These RV blocks are ideal for multiple applications and may be used under wheels or jacks.

Do you need electric levelers for an RV?

Ok, so your RV doesn’t have electric or hydraulic levelers. That’s ok. This article will help you learn to level your RV the quick and easy way. It will also help you pick the perfect RV leveling blocks for your travels. Believe it or not, there is a lot of confusion online about which RV leveling blocks are best.


Although prospective customers may take one quick look at the price and run, the Quality Plastics Utility Block is of a different caliber of camper leveler in comparison to mainstream models. Made of durable rubber, it creates friction against the ground that certainly allows it to be considered as an anti-slip product. We particularly love the nylon cord on every block that allows the block to be retrieved without any problems.

Not only do these blocks provide security in the soft ground thanks to their weight, but they can also hold up to any weight they’re presented with. Their weight also allows them to work well on all surfaces you could possibly encounter.! What’s more, this Utility Block won’t let any weather break it down. Quality comes at a price: and Quality Plastic’s Utility Block is such an example.


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