WFCO RV Power Converter

Which is the best WFCO RV power converter?

WFCO’s 2000 Watt power inverter, WF-5120, is engineered for outstanding performance. It provides high-efficiency power at full-load conditions… WF-6800 Series 120 AC to 12 DC 100A Power Converter and Battery Charger by WFCO®.

What are the three modes of WFCO conversion?

Converter Operation Modes All WFCO power converters are automatic three-stage switching power supplies. The converter senses which mode it needs to be in by checking the RV system voltage. The three modes/stages of operation include: Absorption mode/Normal operation

What kind of converter do you need for a RV?

Upgrades or replaces the converter in your 45-amp Progressive Dynamics 4000 series Power Control Center to a lithium converter. Converter charger changes AC shore power to DC power to run 12V loads and charge your lithium RV batteries. Upgrades the converter section in your 55-amp WFCO RV power center to a lithium converter.

What kind of WFCO Charger do I Need?

WF-9855 Series 105-130 AC to 13.6 DC 55A Converter Charger by WFCO®. The WF-9855 model provides 55 Amps of clean, reliable DC power, which is ideal for powering electronics and appliances. The 9800 Series provides clean power, even…


WFCO has been manufacturing durable RV components for over 40 years. Its WF-9855 55 RV power converter is versatile and very popular with users. The unit was designed to provide DC power to recreational vehicles of all sizes with a range of 35 to 75 amps. You can easily charge your batteries and keep all appliances inside your RV in tip-top shape with a steady and reliable power supply. The innovative three-stage charger is another great feature that helps contribute to the health and longevity of the batteries. Noisy fans and an overall loud unit can stand in the way of your silent getaway, and that is why this converter is equipped with a cooling fan that only works when needed. Moreover, the DC connections are easy to install and insulated. 

Wfco converter wiring diagram

When you make use of your finger or even the actual circuit along with your eyes, … To download free wfco rv power converter users manual wf you.


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