Pioneer AVH4200NEX Double Din Receiver

What does pioneer AVH 4200nex DVD receiver do?

The avh-4200nex DVD receiver incorporates Pioneer "network entertainment experience" (NEX), an innovative combination of Built-in features and cloud-based services that connect with your smartphone or tablet to offer familiar apps and interfaces when you’re in the car. And best of all, it’ll work with Apple or Android phones.

Is the pioneer avh4200nex 2 DIN compatible with Spotify?

Luckily, Pioneer AVH4200NEX 2-DIN Receiver is able to connect to any station, regardless if it is HD radio, SiriusXM satellite radio, or an application like Radio One or Spotify. You can hook up this product to your iPhone or iPod so it is an impressive choice for Apple aficionados.

Is the pioneer AVH w4500nex double DIN wireless?

Pioneer’s NEX or Networked Entertainment eXperience line of receivers features a responsive and highly customizable user interface. The NEX models are designed especially for today’s smart phone driven lifestyle.The AVH-W4500NEX supports a cable free connection between your smartphone and the receiver using Wi-Fi wireless connectivity.

Is the pioneer avh-2500nex a good car stereo?

This is the reason why I’ve created the Pioneer AVH-2500nex Review. If you are reading this review, it means that you are narrowing down your choice. By the end of this post, you will know exactly if this car stereo is the right one. Here’s a bit of a preview about the Pioneer digital receiver.


Here’s a premium level, extremely well designed product – however for the price tag you’d expect it to be! The Pioneer name plus the price tag is your guarantee that you’re getting a truly premium product – but what features is it packing to justify the dent it will make in your bank account?

You get all the standard features you would expect: Bluetooth connectivity for phone calls on the fly and a wide and comprehensive list of media file playback, including DVD and CD. Built-in control for an iPod, iPhone and iPad makes synching and using Apple devices incredibly easy but it also has excellent synching with Android devices (if a little less hands-on control).

The NEX (Network Entertainment Experience) is the jewel in the crown, boasting a totally innovative blend of built-in synching and external cloud-based services to provide an incredibly easy and intuitive way to use all of your apps on the go. The 7-inch screen is both gorgeous and huge and really helps you make the most of the NEX functionality too.

This is a really well-designed, really well thought-out model. If you can look past the price tag – perhaps see it as a long-term investment – you could be onto a winner.


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