FIFTY-FIFTY Adjustable MTB Mudguard

What are the best mudguards for MTB and road bikes?

We love how practical the Topeak Defender M1 Mountain Bike fender is, from the material its structure is made of, how it functions as the most impressive and best MTB mudguard on the market. With the ability to fit a 26-inch MTB, this bike fender is an adjustable unit created by bike enthusiasts for bikers.

Do you need mudguards on a flint bicycle?

Without fenders or mudguards, riding can get very uncomfortable on the bc original Flint, especially for legs. The inside and the front are especially susceptible to dirt, which is where a front fender or mudguard comes in real handy.

Is there a printable mountain bike mudguard template?

This content and associated text is in no way sponsored by or affiliated with any company, organization, or real-world good that it may purport to portray. Yet another printable mountain bike/MTB mudguard template, typically printed on to, or cut from, 0.75mm (750 micron) polypropylene.

What’s the best way to make your own mudguard?

We love a good hack here at GMBN, so much so that we make our own mudguards! Mudguards are great for keeping you kit, and your bike, that little bit cleaner and a must have for rainy mountain bike rides. Check out how to make your own out of nothing but a fizzy drinks bottle and some cable ties.


The Fifty—Fifty MTB Mudguard and Bike Fender are one of the greatest mountain bike mudguards in the market today. This is an adjustable mountain bike fender, put together by the greatest scientists and engineers, to keep your bike well protected at all times. It features a design whereby the length of the unit can be modified to suit your bike. It features a folding design loved by many customers and also boasts of high compatibility with the rear and front fork seats of any bicycle.

This MTB mudguard is light in weight and extremely sturdy in design with a flexibility that allows it to fit perfectly onto any bike of your choice without an issue. If you need to make your bike look more relaxed but also want to deliver excellent protection to your favorite bicycle, this unit from Fifty-Fifty should be on your wishlist.


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