Pikibu 180-Degree Clarity Baby Car Mirror

What does pikibu 180 degree view high definition mean?

Our mirror was specifically designed with families in mind. The unique dimensions and curvature of the mirror maximize the viewable area within your automobile. It allows you to see your children and your children to see you. Pikibu. I see you.

What does a pikibu do in a car?

Allows your child to see your face and feel connected with you. Pikibu is an interior car mirror that attaches over your car rearview mirror. People around the world are stuck in the past, held back by their car rear view mirror.

Which is the best car mirror for children?

The large shatterproof, convex mirror provides crystal clear images, greatly reducing the potential for stress when driving with young children in the vehicle. The Baby Car Mirror by Baby Caboodle is easy to fit and includes easy to tighten straps that remain in place while you are driving.

Which is the best back seat baby mirror?

The Back Seat Baby Mirror by Baby & Mom is designed with a wide-angle convex mirror that gives you the best possible view of your child. The mirror is made from shatterproof acrylic glass, while the surround includes a 360-degree sturdy pivot point for full adjustability.


If your car is not suitable for a rear headrest mirror, then you might want to consider the Pikibu 180-degree View High Definition Clarity Baby Car Mirror. The mirror attaches over the interior car rearview mirror, allowing the driver to clearly see the interior of the car and any passengers in the rear seats. The mirror includes high-quality independent spring connectors that allow the mirror to sit securely over the factory installed rear view mirror. The design of the mirror carefully balances clarity with maximum viewable area.


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