Ohuhu Aluminum Slim License Plate Frames

Where can I order custom license plate frames?

Order custom license plate frames at elicenseplateframes.com. Use our frame designer tool to create the perfect frame. Quantities are available from 1 to 10,000+. Our Customers Love Us! I saw this frame on the car in front of me and had to have it! (I love Jesus AND cheese!) It was pretty easy to… read more

Are there heavy duty metal license plate frames?

These Heavy Duty metal (zinc) license plate frames are great for personalizing due to the amount of open engraving space, and you can rest assured that your personalized license plate frames will never fade or tarnish. Your text will be laser engraved into acrylic UV resistant insert strips which are then bonded to the license plate frame.

What do Porsche license plate frames look like?

These license plate frames are relatively simple in style and feature "Porsche" stamped on the bottom in the traditional Porsche font. Porsche plate frames are available in several finishes, including black and stainless steel.

How big is a chrome license plate frame?

Magical, meaningful items you can’t find anywhere else. Your text here Chrome Metal HIGH QUALITY 9 Oz. License Plate Frame Tag Holder Cover Heavy Metal Steel Stylish Customizable Your Text custom


Similar to the previous plate covers by Ohuhu, these frames are slim, sleek and of good quality; however, unlike the stainless steel models, these are made of aluminum. Although many drivers prefer stainless steel covers, know that this is high-quality aluminum – rustproof and anti-peel and guaranteed to protect your license plates for years to come.

This four-hole number plate covers fit perfectly all kinds of vehicles, including cars, trucks,and trailers. With their smooth surface, delicate edges and matte black color, they will dress up any license plate and help elevate your vehicle’s style in a simple and no-frills fashion. They’re the standard size – 6-3/8″ x 12-1/4″ – and are easy to install as they come with all the tools and hardware you need. This is a pack of two license plate frames with four holes, so make sure your vehicle supports this type of a license plate frame.


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