EFFICERE 40 Piece Tap & Die Set

How big is a 60 piece tap and die set?

A 60 piece set compatible with both Metric and SAE measurements means this is a tap and die set that should not be found wanting no matter what job you are tackling. Hardened alloy steel has been used in the construction of these tools, and that is a stand out feature we love to see.

What kind of dies and taps do I Need?

The set includes 10 SAE Taps and 10 Dies, 16 Metric Taps and 16 Dies, 2 pipe taps and 2 dies, along with all the drive tools needed for the included taps and dies. In other words, this set will be perfect for your workplace regardless of whether you’re located inside or outside the States.

Where can I buy a Mastercraft tap and die set?

Mastercraft Tap & Die Set, 40-… This product carries a lifetime exchange warranty redeemable at any Canadian Tire store.

What makes a SAE tap and die set?

SAE Tap & Die Set includes 20 taps and 20 adjustable dies in popular SAE sizes, plus a die handle, die adapter, adjustable tap wrench, stubby screwdriver, and T-handle tap. Made from heat-treated, hardened alloy steel for durability.


Our next tap and die kit is another entry-level style kit. It is almost half the size as the one we just looked at with a total of 40 pieces. That does mean that you are missing out on some sizes of taps and dies compared to bigger kits. But it helps to keep the price down.

This set has been made from bearing steel for a high-quality, extremely durable finish. It’s also nice to see that the taps and dies are cut with CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) machinery by the manufacturer. This has been done to ensure the most accurate tools have been produced.

The wrenches and adaptors have been made with user comfort in mind, and the measurements are SAE only. If you need metric measurements, prepare to get out the conversion charts. All in all, this is a pretty decent kit for a very good price.


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