ODIER Shimano Sram Avid Bike Brake Pads

What kind of brake pad does SRAM use?

Steel backed organic pad is quiet For Monoblock calipers For use with hydraulic road disc brakes and Level A1 (2017-2019) Item Specifications Backing Plate Material Steel Compound Organic Heat Sink No Pad Shape Number 37 SRAM Hydraulic Road Disc Brake Pads Disc Brake Pad UPC: 710845781377 SRAM Road Pad & Holder.

Can you use Avid brake hose with Shimano olives?

No you cannot. They are not cross compatible. Shimano Olives, hose and inserts only work with Shimano components. The same is true for Avid brake equipment. Beyond not being designed to work together you void any warranty claim by not using compatible equipment.

What is the UPC for SRAM disc brake pads?

Item Specifications Compound Sintered Heat Sink No Pad Shape Number 58 Backing Plate Material Steel SRAM G2, Guide, and Trail Disc Brake Pads Disc Brake Pad UPC: 710845760068 SRAM Disc Brake Pads – Sintered Compound, Steel Backed, Powerful, For Code 2011+ and Guide RE SRAM Code Disc Brake Pads Disc Brake Pad UPC: 710845642012

When is the best time to use Shimano brake pads?

If you seek to discover the extensive power of your shimano brake pads, the best time will be to take a ride on a sunny day., many customers do not advice using these pads on a rainy day, as you don’t receive as much braking power as you’re supposed to.


The Odier bike brake pads are units made to fit all Shimano and Shram model bikes without effort. This brand has a wide following of bikers from all across the globe, each one offering a great review about their v brake pads and how enjoyable they are to use. Other bikes these pads can be used with include the Gemini Series, Draco Series, Aries, Tektro Orian, and many others.

This bike brake pad is made with increased rotor protection and also possesses a steel backing plate on which sits a coarse resin blend. Such a structure is put in place to ensure that you experience the smoothest and most potent braking ever. Other features include the manufacturer’s money-back guarantee which is given to those who aren’t satisfied with their product after purchase.


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