Maxima 89901 Fuel Stabilizer Additive

Which is maxima racing oil do you use?

Mineral based 4-stroke engine oil specifically formulated for side-by-side (SXS) engines. Shear-stable polymer system provides excellent film thickness and viscosity stability across all… SXS Synthetic Engine Oil by Maxima Racing Oils®. Full synthetic, ester-fortified 4-stroke engine oil specifically formulated for side-by-side (SXS) engines.

Who is the manufacturer of the Nissan Maxima engine?

Nissan Machinery (Nissan Kohki Co., Ltd.) is the sole producer and manufacturer for Maxima vehicle engines. Their operations extend internationally, producing parts in Japan for separate assembly in domestic and foreign locations.

What kind of chain cleaner does Maxima use?

Maxima Clean Up is a heavy duty, emulsion type cleaner designed to thoroughly clean chains without harming rubber o-rings or metal surfaces. Outstanding… MPPL Multi-Purpose Penetrant Lube by Maxima Racing Oils®. Color: Brown/Gold. Multi Purpose Penetrant Lube is a superior, all-purpose spray-on penetrating lubricant.

What can I do with my Nissan Maxima?

Upgrade your Nissan Maxima with innovative technology additions. Explore more with the right accessories for your Nissan Maxima. Enhance and upgrade the aesthetic of your Nissan Maxima. Add protection and comfort to your drive with interior accessories. Experience ultimate Nissan performance inspired by the race track.


The Maxima Fuel Storage Stabilizer also acts as a corrosion inhibitor for your engine by protecting your entire system. It has been formulated to prolong the lifespan of your engine by preventing the formation of lacquers and varnish often caused by fuel degradation. The Maxima fuel stabilizer is a product unlike many others as it offers complete protection from the harmful effects moisture and ethanol pose when contained in your fuel system.

This fuels stabilizer is compatible with cars, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and ATVs, as well as outdoor equipment. To treat up to 2.5 gallons of your fuel, you need one bottle of the Maxima fuel stabilizer. Enjoy a clean engine after only five minutes of application.


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