Motorcraft FA1884 Air Filter

Is the Motorcraft fa1884 air filter leak proof?

It is manufactured from leak proof polyurethane seals. This air filter chemically treats dry type cleaner elements to withstand damage from oil and moisture. It is resistant to temperature extremes and has a 98. 5% efficiency standard. This air filter is treated to enhance capacity and efficiency as well as facilitates hassle free installation.

What kind of air filter does Motorcraft use?

Air Filter (FA1884) by Motorcraft®. If you have a dirty air filter, clogged PCV valve, or defective MAF sensor you may be tempted to just run down to the local auto parts chain store for a replacement, but before you waste your time and gas, check out our great selection of air intake system parts.

What kind of car parts does Motorcraft make?

Launched by the Ford Motor Company in 1972, Motorcraft® is the most trusted manufacturer of vehicle-specific replacement parts for Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln vehicles. The company provides an extensive line of premium automotive parts from A/C compressors and alternators to wiper blades and wire sets.

What kind of coating is used on air filter?

Coating is formulated to help resist damage from oil and moisture Polyurethane seal material provides superior sealing when exposed to high and low temperature cycles (-40 to +250 degrees Fahrenheit) Impregnated with phenolic resin that retains the pleated shape when exposed to heat and moisture


If you squint at the box this product comes in you will see a little Ford badge tucked away in the upper left corner. If you are therefore driving a Ford (and one of the models compatible with this product) then pull up a chair – if not then there’s not much here for you!

This is a premium engine air filter with a number of cool features, but the stand out really has to be the 98.5% efficiency as standard. That really is remarkable, and is the hallmark of a very well designed and manufactured product that will do a great job in your engine.

Again, just like any of the products on this list it’s only going to appeal if it fits your vehicle. If it does however then this is a very, very impressive engine air filter.


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