Molten Speed Wax Bike Chain Degreaser

What’s the best way to clean molten speed wax?

Remove chain, wipe aggressively with rag, hang to dry for a minimum of 15 minutes before waxing. Note: for fastest chain repeat denatured alcohol step until no filings or debris remain in bottom of container and rag shows no residue from wiping chain

How long does a bag of molten speed wax last?

Each Bag of Molten Speed Wax lubricates your chain for a very long time (approximately 6000 to 9000 km) and greatly extends the life of your chain, cassette, chain rings. Discounts provided the more bags you order.

How to apply molten speed wax to bike chains?

Flip chain around and tap the powder off the other end. Place powdered chains in plastic bags until installation on bike. Anticipate some additional powder falling off chains during first pedal strokes on stand or road. To pull out all the stops, ride chain for 10 minutes outside then repeat powder application procedure.

How to do molten speed waxing with Swisher tool?

Place Swisher Tool and chain into SC on top of wax, cover with lid (there will be a crack between lid and SC because of tool, this is OK) After 65 minutes, remove lid and confirm that chain is submerged in molten wax (hey, that might be a good name for this stuff), insert thermometer, leave lid off and monitor temperature closely


If you’ve only ever used a standard degreaser for your bicycle then we’re going to throw an alternative product out there for you to consider. Hands up: who’s heard of speed wax? Wax is said to be the fastest lube for your bicycle. It also has a reputation as one of the cleanest lubricants available as it’s not liquid, greasy or oily and therefore doesn’t pick up dirt, sand, or dust. This wax product is easy to apply when melted first using a crock pot. Just simply melt the wax, dip your chain into the mix and agitate. Hang up to dry, and you’re good to go. If you’re looking for a safer, non-toxic product that will clean and lubricate your chain while increasing its life, then this is a good option. This is perfect for bike enthusiasts and professionals who are looking for the best, fastest product for their bicycle chain.


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