AMBOTHER Tailgate Side Bed Light

What can a tailgate light bar do for You?

LED tailgate light bars are available with a variety of functions such as reverse lights, turn signals, running lights, and brake lights. An LED tailgate light bar from RealTruck will improve your truck’s appearance and safety.

Why do you need Anzo tailgate light bar?

Anzo LED tailgate light bars vastly improve visibility and safety, making your vehicle more visible to other motorists. The light bar enables drivers to more clearly convey their…

Are there any led tailgate lights for trucks?

Illuminate your truck’s tailgate with LEDGlow’s LED Tailgate Lights for Trucks, featuring powerful SMD LED lighting. Choose from either a truck tailgate LED light bar or a flexible truck tailgate LED strip that will not only enhance the look of your truck but will provide added safety benefits as well.

Are there any universal tailgate light bars by pacer?

Universal Outback LED Tailgate Light Bar by Pacer Performance®. This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind, this product by Pacer… Universal LED Tailgate Light Bar by IPCW®. 1 Piece.


Inside this tailgate bar, 72 bright LED bulbs spring to life, making you instantly visible to other road users. The five-function lights act as turn signals, brake light, and tail lights, ensuring other drivers can always see exactly what you’re doing.

The bulbs are nestled inside high quality rubber tubing, which can withstand the various assaults of debris, rain, wind, and snow. The bar is also easy to install, thanks to a powerful automotive adhesive that comes with every set. The low power-consumption is another factor making these lights easy and efficient to use. Finally, because the lights are transparent when not in use, they’re a great option if you’re seeking a subtler look.


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