Nankang SP-7 Radial Tire

What makes the Nankang SP7 radial tire unique?

The Nankang SP7 Radial Tire is unique in that it offers a handful of Nankang’s best innovations. The history of a tire company makes all of the difference. When you look at a company’s roots, you can see how they developed into the company they are today.

What kind of tires do Nankang tires use?

Designed not only to meet, but to exceed today’s demanding driving needs. Whether in the city, out in the country, or driving along the Autobahn, NANKANG TIRES are designed to perform. luxury performance vehicles. SUVs led to the creation of the SP-9 CROSS-SPORT.

How old are Nankang cross sport SP-9 tires?

But if you want the most robust protection available for your new Nankang Tire Cross Sport SP-9 tires, consider investing in our exclusive and industry-leading Certificates. If you do, you get complete coverage and your new Cross Sport SP-9 tires will be protected down to 3/32" of wear.

What kind of tread pattern does Nankang cross sport use?

It uses an all-season tread pattern to provide excellent grip on dry and wet surfaces. For added wet traction, the tread features four circumferential grooves, angled tread blocks, and thin siping all over the tread surface.


Every regular motorist is always on the lookout for a car tire that is very reliable, with the ability to last long. Such tires are hard to come across, especially with the full range of tire models in existence. Searching for a reliable tire is essential because it saves you from continually investing in tire maintenance and repairs. Another reason why we all seek reliability is to experience as much comfort as possible, at all times. Among the endless supply of tires by Nankang manufactures their Nankang SP-7 Radial Tire checks all the required boxes for the perfect car tire.

The SP-7 is a performance, all-season tire designed with an arc sub-groove and two straight-broad grooves for the prevention of hydroplaning and improved drainage efficiency. It offers all users the ultimate riding comfort while doing away with tire wear thanks to its block design which comprises of sipes. The shoulder groove of this tire is designed with a noise prevention bar that is meant to ensure silent operations, no matter the terrain on which your tread. This is the best tire concerning handling and longevity. It features a design that improves its tread life, enhances water evacuation, and ensures excellent performance on wet and slippery roads.


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