Maxell CD-to-Cassette Audio Adapter

How to use a Maxell CD to cassette adapter?

Just plug Maxell’s CD-330 cassette adapter into a standard .125-inch headphone jack, slide the faux cassette shell at the other end of the fixed audio cable into your cassette deck, and hit play on your portable device. It’s guaranteed to work with all vehicle cassette decks, and it’s covered against defects by a lifetime warranty.

How many Maxell UR 90 audio tapes are there?

10 X MAXELL UR 90 AUDIO CASSETTE TAPES. Vintage audio cassette tapes in carry box. Approx 18 all reusable.

Where to store Maxell MXS metal cassette tape decks?

If you love the wonderful sound of anlog tape, something digital attempts to capture, you simply can’t find a better storage device than the Maxell MXS metal cassette period. It cannot be topped. Those who have these tapes, know of their quality, and should take care to properly store these tapes in a cool, dry storage location.

How does a CD to cassette adapter work?

A removable cord allows for easy storage when your Maxell cassette adapter is not in use.The Maxell 190038 CD to cassette adapter allows you to play portable CD players in your car stereo through its cassette deck by simply plugging the cassette in.


This cassette adapter will allow you to connect your audio devices to your car cassette deck, so you can listen to your best tunes on the go. This product works with any audio device too, so your MP3 player, CD player, iPad, iPhone or other mobile device is guaranteed to work using this adapter. Maxell are so confident that you are making the right choice with their product, that they offer a lifetime warranty.


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