Little People Music Parade Ride-On


OK, noisy toy alert – this ride-on fun bus from Fisher-Price is a bit of a sound monster that’ll keep your tot on the march and having a blast! A propel yourself ride-on toy for toddlers, your little one will not only hone their mobility and coordination skills but also their musical abilities too. With five different marching tunes, there’s also a keyboard with a host of sounds, including trumpet, sax and drums. Oh, and there’s a loud horn too. Not for the faint-hearted, this is an awesome first ride-on toy for both boys and girls and is ideal for youngsters aged between one and three. But it’s not all about the music – with its solid plastic body, steering handle and wide stability wheels, it will help your tot to build their all-important motor skills while having the best – and noisiest – time. Time to dig out those ear-defenders….


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