Lebra 2 piece Car Mask Bra

What kind of cover does a Lebra bra use?

Solid black in color, made of leather grain vinyl, allows for optional front plate if needed, and all original cut outs for factory fog lights, head lights etc. Mesh screen over grill area, allows hood to open, perfect custom fit full front end cover mask. * LeBra car bra images do not reflect your exact vehicle.

Can a Lebra front end cover be replaced?

LeBra will, repair or replace any LeBra Front End Cover which it finds to be defective in material or workmanship at no charge and return it to you postage paid. LeBra Car Bras – Solid black vinyl custom car bras are the ultimate in style and full front end protection for vehicles.

Can a custom Lebra hood cover lock up?

Custom Lebra Covers won’t lock your hood up and the multi-piece designs allow for a glove-like fit to mold to the contours of your hood while still giving you full access to under your hood when you need it. Installation on Lebra Covers is quick with super easy to follow instructions.

What do you need to know about Lebra?

LeBra carries an extensive lineup of soft products and accessories, such as dashboard covers, floor mats, front end covers, just to name a few. The products by LeBra are crafted for cars, light trucks, SUVs, and vans – all ranging from the 70’s up to today.


When you are looking at buying a car bra, you need to make sure that it fits the vehicle that you own properly, so make sure that you own the right sort of car before purchase. This one also comes in two pieces and allows the hood to open up.

Convenience is one of the main positive features of this car bra. You don’t have to remove it when your car gets wet as the inner lining is made of a special knit material that defends against moisture. This means that when you come to remove it, the finish of your car should remain protected.

Covercraft LeBra® Front End Covers

Custom, Perfect Fit Front End Mask by LeBra, the original maker of the Car Bra! … Two-piece design allows for easy access; Glove-like, aerodynamic look …

Front-end bra – Wikipedia

A front-end bra (also known by other terms such as car bra, bonnet bra, front-end cover, hood bra, auto bra, hood mask, car mask, etc.) is a type of vinyl …

LeBra Car Bra – RealTruck.com

The LeBra car bras are available in 1 or 2 piece designs depending on your make and model of vehicle. This car bra is going to protect your front end from rocks …


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