KMMOTORS Universal Cup Holder

Are there any universal Cup holders for cars?

Kritne Foldable Cup Holder, Universal Foldable Cup H … Universal Car 2 Dual Cup Holder Drink Beverage Seat … 3 Cup Holder Plastic Pocket Recessed Insert Universa … 2Pcs Car Cup Coasters, Silicone Anti Slip Crystal Rh …

What kind of cup holders are in boats?

3 PACK WHITE Plastic Cup Holders For Boat Car Sectio … LED Cup Holder Lights, EEEkit 2PCS Car Logo Coaster … . Car Headrest Seat Back Mount Organizer Cup Drink Hol … TSV 2Pcs Plastic Car Cup Holder, Adjustable Drink Bo … .

What kind of cup holder do you need for a motorcycle?

Whether you are going on a short trip or on a long tour, a motorcycle cup holder from Blaze Leather is among the most practical accessories you should have. Available in different patterns, designs, colors and shapes, a motorcycle drink holder is made of the finest materials including stainless steel, leather and chrome.

Are there Cup holders in infant car seats?

Most infant seats do not come with drink holders, but seat and boosters for older children do. Some are fixed, mounted holders, while others are adjustable and move in and out. Another option is to place the car seat next to the car door that has a cup holder compartment the child can reach. When were cup holders for cars invented?


A great choice if you find yourself needing a slimline organizer that can hide your valuables when required. This option from KMMOTORS has been designed to slide into the gap between your seat and center console and works with a magnetic flip-up lid to keep heat-sensitive items away from the sun’s glare – or simply to hide your change.

There are two pads included with this purchase, so if you think your gap might be a little wider, it might be worth trying this item out over our earlier side pocket option. Meanwhile, this option has also been made with plywood along the central design, so ensure a stronger fit and great durability.


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