Louis Garneau Men’s Fit Sensor 2 Padded Compression Bike Shorts

Is the Louis Garneau fit sensor too thick?

Granted, this makes the short more resilient in case of a fall (the Louis Garneau website claims the thicker fabric makes the short appropriate for road or the dirt), but our testers are strictly roadies and for us, this short just felt a little too thick. Louis Garneau has updated the Fit Sensor with some new material and a cuff along the bottom.

What’s the difference between Louis Garneau optimum 2 and 1?

Louis Garneau released the Optimum 2 since our test cycle. The two models are largely the same when it comes to their features, but the new shorts have an increased amount of compression fabric, and the waistline is designed to better hug the wearer’s body. Compare the two below; the Optimum 2 is shown first, followed by the model we tested.

Why does Louis Garneau wear a double layer of fabric?

In fact, in true Louis Garneau fashion, the leg ends and waist feature a double layer of fabric. This does two things: 1) keeps everything in place and 2) avoids that awkward "pinch" that comes when too-tight is paired with too-thin (think: those awful thin silicone leg bands meant to keep shorts in place).

Is the Louis Garneau optimum women’s a good product?

While we are continually searching for the best-performing products, we don’t make price a test metric. In the case of the Louis Garneau Optimum – Women’s, however, it’s hard not to take note of such a high-quality product that has such a respectable price tag.


The Louis Garneau padded compression bike shorts are another great option for cyclists who are looking for ergonomic and comfortable apparel. Their Airzone chamois is made of memory foam that pushes out moisture from the inside of the shorts and promotes faster drying. The brushed back fabric also allows the body to maintain its core internal temperature via thermoregulation. Moreover, the combination of stretch trim and elastic waist add an extra layer of comfort to the already non-restricting shorts. Each pair of Louis Garneau shorts comes with reflective accents for night safety and is made in the United States.


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