WANDA Set of 4 ATV Tires

What kind of tires do Wanda ATVs use?

The Set of 4 New WANDA ATV/UTV Tires 25×8-12 Front & 25×10-12 Rear /6PR P350 – 10163/10165 come highly recommended and as they should be. But perhaps the single greatest feature this tire brings to the table is its durability. It is clear that it’s built to withstand any surface and provide quality efficiency for a long time.

Where are Wanda tires made in the world?

About the Producer. Wanda Tires are made by the Tianjin Wanda Tire Group Company that is located in Tianjin, China. The company, established in 1988 has earned a reputation as one of the fastest growing tire companies in the world. Its products promise and deliver high quality and durability at a reasonable price.

Where can I buy new tires for my ATV?

If it’s been awhile since you picked out a new set of tires for your vehicle, the thought of purchasing one of the most important parts for your ATV may seem like a daunting task. Thanks to BikeBandit.com, buying a new set of tires is simple.

What kind of tread do you use on an ATV?

Directional tread for traction in dirt, gravel, hard pack & light mud. Non-directional tread for multi-surface farm & recreational ATV use. Aggressive tread & angled knobs for traction & durability.


Whether you want to ride your vehicle on dirt tracks, mud trails, woods or desert, the handling offered by these all terrain ATV tires is high-quality. Protecting the rim and sidewall are additional shoulder lugs.

To offer a longer lifespan to the Wanda ATV tires, the tread is as much as 36% deeper than the major competitors on the market. Punctures and abrasions are resisted thanks to the 6-ply rated construction.


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