Kamik Men’s Nationplus Boot

What kind of boot is kamik nation boot?

The Kamik NationPlus boot is a traditional Pac boot, meaning that it has an insulated inner liner and a waterproof outer. This design has long been considered a hallmark of winter boots, and we feel that while the NationPlus bears many similarities to the Sorel Caribou, that this boot is a step ahead when it comes to comfort and warmth.

Do you get free shipping on nation plus kamik?

Featuring a more generous fit, seam-sealed waterproof construction and 3M TM Thinsulate TM insulation. Spend $149.99 or more to qualify for Free Shipping. All shipments are shipped via Canada Post ground.

What kind of lacing does kamik nation use?

Kamik uses speed-lacing eyelets to get a fast and tight fit, with lace locks to keep the lower lacing in place. While this sounds like the perfect combination, using eyelets (instead of hooks above the lace locks) makes it difficult to release the laces and open up the tongue to easily get out of the liner boot.

What kind of animal is a kamik made of?

Vasque Snowburban I… Animal products used? A kamik is a traditional Inuit soft boot made from the hide of a reindeer or sealskin. These boots are warm and nimble, allowing hunters to quickly and silently track on the ice.


Our second product from Kamik and it is more of an everyday winter boot, especially when compared to some of the more hardcore models we’ve looked at. This is especially highlighted when you look at the insulation layer provided, with 200 grams of Thinsulate material in this product. That is the lowest level of insulation of any product on the list.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing however. We don’t all go snowmobiling on the Arctic Tundra, and 200 grams of insulation is ok for pretty cool temperatures. In addition, because of the low insulation, Kamik are able to build a boot with a far more everyday appearance too – you can wear them around town without a second glance. 

They still have some useful features too. The upper is leather for waterproof protection; the sole is 100% rubber so it will provide both waterproof protection and good traction. The lining is moisture wicking and can be removed for easy cleaning. All in all, don’t wear these in the coldest conditions – but for more inclement winter weather these are very well designed snowmobile boots.


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