ILM Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet

Is the Ilm full face motorcycle helmet any good?

If you’re seeking to invest in a bike helmet that makes you feel like a MOTOGP racer while protecting you like a soldier at war, look no further. Exceeding the safety standards set forth by DOT and FMVSS-218, ILM full-face helmet is a reassurance to its users when it comes to damage control.

How much does a full face motorcycle helmet cost?

There are also open-face motorcycle helmets at a wide range of prices from $60 to over $300 depending on the brand and the helmet features. The only true drawback to an open face helmet is that it offers less protection around the jaw-line than a full face helmet.

Do you need an open face motorcycle helmet?

. Open face helmets are typically the mainstay of the scooter and cafe racer crowd, but at RevZilla we see more and more riders opting for at least one open face motorcycle helmet as part of their gear lineup.

What is your review of BILT brand motorcycle helmets?

A house-brand for motorcycle retail outlets, Bilt helmets have great features and options. If there’s a new functionality or must-have gadget you can be assured a Bilt brand helmet will be offering it early on. As a “value-line” brand Bilt can be lacking in overall helmet construction quality. I have personally owned (3) Bilt helmets.


Full-face helmets aren’t for everyone, but this is an excellent example of one that will keep the rider safe. It’s a good value and is available in a wide variety of easily visible colors as well as a classic matte black finish. We love the streamlined design that helps with aerodynamics and reduces wind noise so the rider can listen for other sounds that can help keep them safe.


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