Helteko Digital Tire Inflator

Can a digital tire inflator be used at night?

While the power draw is a bit on the higher side, you can precisely fill air in your vehicle’s tires using its digital meter. It even includes LED lights at the front for using this unit at night. You can set any specific air pressure using the controls and display of this tire inflator. 2. FORTEM Digital Tire Inflator

Which is the best portable tire inflator on the market?

The Audew Portable Air Compressor Pump is the most compact portable air pump on our list. Measuring just 7.4″ h. x 6.8″ l. x 2.8″ w., it’s small enough to fit just about anywhere in your vehicle. It features an auto-shutoff feature that allows you to set your desired pressure.

How does a husky digital tire inflator work?

Featuring a right-angle clip-on chuck, flexible 20 in. air hose and a 360 swivel connector, this inflator is designed to securely connect to a variety of equipment in tight spaces without any air leakage.

How does a cordless tire inflator work?

The rechargeable battery and the built-in motor are powerful enough to snatch all the credit. The digital LED gauge even enables you to read the pressure. Above all, once your preferred setting is reached, it shuts off automatically. The tires never get under-inflated or overinflated due to this.


This model is one of the more modern style of compressors, very similar to the one discussed above. By that, we mean that the tool itself is small and self-contained, with no external storage case or box because everything stored internally.

This model is slightly larger and heavier than the model above, for that extra weight you get a slightly more powerful motor which can inflate a standard car tire in about 3 to 5 minutes.

It also comes with the usual array of nozzle attachments to allow it to perform inflation jobs around the home – sports balls, bike tires, pools and lawnmower tires are all fine. It has a very durable construction utilizing high-grade plastics and stainless steel parts. This makes it ideal for frequent use, or you can tuck it away for occasional use and know it’s a tool you can rely on in an emergency.


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