Glass Layering Suede Applicator Kit, Car Detail Sponge, Ceramic and Graphene Sprays, Rubber Coatings Paint for Automobiles

Absolute necessity for automobile enthusiasts. We introduce this comprehensive Glass Layering Suede Applicator Kit. Car detail sponge, Ceramic and Graphene Sprays, Rubber Coatings Paint included. Result in enhanced aesthetics and long-lasting protection for your cars.
Every car enthusiast knows the value of maintaining the vehicle’s outer appearance. Providing it the protection, it deserves is paramount. This kit is a one-stop solution to your automobile detailing needs. It offers the necessary tools and substances that guarantee the optimal state of your car’s outer surface.

Our Graphene and Ceramic Sprays offer high gloss and superior protection against harsh environmental elements. The glass layering feature provided by our kit further enhances the resilience of the coating, maintaining the new look of your car.

The high-quality suede applicator ensures uniform distribution of the substances. The detail sponge assists in the process, preventing any damage that may result from rigorous scrubbing.

The rubber coating paint offers an extra layer of protection. It prevents rusting and other damage resulting from prolonged exposure to water and sunlight.

With the combined use of these high-quality items, the kit will provide your vehicle with a detailed, polished appearance. It also ensures the durability of the outer surface, giving your car the care and maintenance it deserves.

Note: for best results, use as per the instructions provided with the kit.

Q: What substances does the kit include?
A: The kit includes Ceramic and Graphene Sprays, and Rubber Coating Paint.

Q: How does the glass layering function work?
A: The glass layering feature provides an additional resilient coating, enhancing your car’s outer surface’s durability.

Q: What is the use of the detail sponge?
A: The detail sponge helps in the application process, ensuring the substances’ uniform distribution without causing any damage.

Q: What benefits does the rubber coating paint provide?
A: The rubber coating paint adds an extra layer of protection, preventing rusting and damage due to prolonged exposure to harsh elements.


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