Genuine Toyota Air Filter Element

What is the part number of a Toyota air filter?

Toyota Air Filter Element Sub-Assembly Part Number: 17801-37021 Other Name: Element Sub-Assembly, Air Cleaner Filter

When to change cabin air filter in Toyota?

Like your home air filter, you must change your cars cabin air filter at certain intervals if you want to maintain a clean-air environment inside your car. (More about when to change filters in this article .) Genuine OEM Toyota cabin air filters make breathing easy.

What kind of air does a Toyota engine use?

Your Toyota’s engine uses a combination of air and gasoline in the combustion chamber to run efficiently and have enough power to get you from one place to the next. The air your car uses, however, has to be clean and free from particles and pollutants that could cause damage to engine components down the line.

Can a non Toyota oil filter work on a Toyota?

A non-Toyota filter element may not work as effectively and could even clog, causing costly engine damage. To protect your engine (and your pocketbook), always specify a Genuine Toyota oil filter.


This item here represents simply phenomenal good value.  Once again, this is an item with a very set target audience, so if you don’t drive a Toyota feel free to mosey on down to another product.

If you do drive a Toyota however, this is a very interesting item. It is a Toyota OEM air filter. That means that this is the exact engine air filter that your car was packing when it rolled out of the factory. So what you are buying here is actually a direct replacement for the filter specifically designed to go into your vehicle. That means you know it’s going to do a good job, because it’s already doing one!

Why is it such good value? Well, you go to your local Toyota dealership to pick up one of these bad boys, and you will be paying a lot more than the sub 20-dollar price tag on this product here.


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