FutureSky Car Safety Hammer

When to use a life Hammer in a car?

Known as an extrication tool for people that are entrapped in their vehicle, Life Hammer is used to shatter side windows and cut through safety belts. The demand for high-performance automobile safety equipment is on the rise, and Life Hammer is fast becoming standard safety equipment in vehicles all across North America.

What do you need to know about safesky?

Confidential, Secure, Experience. At SAFEsky, we prepare organizations for the future. We provide technology and services that offer peace of mind for employees, staff and guests. Your Investment will ensure a safe and secure environment using robust ID and access control technology.

Are there any safety features in the future?

Seatbelts, crumple zones, airbags, crash-test scores – these were the familiar markers of safety on the road. But thanks to revolutionary advances in computing and communications, the future is now, and it’s all about preventing crashes from happening in the first place.

Which is the best car safety kit in the UK?

The Ring RCT1 10-piece European driving kit features more gear than the AA kit, but you don’t get a bright yellow bag. In addition to the warning triangle, GB sticker, bulb set, first aid kit and headlight beam deflectors, you also get an extra reflective jacket, a foil blanket and two breathalysers for when travelling in France.


The FutureSky is a 6-in-1 tool that gives you all the essentials you need in an emergency situation. Not only does it contain the window breaker and seatbelt cutter you can find in all of the items on our list, but it also has a magnet and LED light combination and a whistle to help you call for help.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t have some of the extra benefits that the clear alternative has, so it ranks lower in our list. That said, this is still a mighty life-saving device in it’s own right, so it’s only fair that it deserves a spot in our buying guide.


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