Foneso F100

What do you do with a Ford F100?

Got an automotive based product or service related to vintage classic cars or trucks? contact us at our Business page and lets get you noticed! Ford F100 Content! We create classic car/truck content not found anywhere else to get more gear head info. out there. to bring in the next gen. of classic car addicts.

What are the features of the Flex innovations F-100D?

The Flex Innovations F-100D is the ticket to uncompromised scale EDF performance. SUPER PNP FEATURES INCLUDED: 3-Axis Gyro system Programmed and Installed (Aura 8 AFCS) Expertly Engineered Ducting and Inlet Lips

What does the F-100D Super Sabre have?

The Aura 8 Advanced Flight Control System comes programmed and installed in the F-100D, making setup a breeze. This highly-refined 3-axis gyro makes the F-100 fly like it is a larger aircraft and in less wind. Thanks to the Aura’s advanced implementation, it not only enhances the flying experience, but it never interferes with the Pilot’s control.

What was the role of the F-100 Hun?

The iconic F-100Dis the first of the USAF’s legendary “Century Series” fighters that ushered in the era of supersonic military aircraft. The F-100, also known as “the Hun,” served in a variety of roles including air-to-air fighter, attack fighter and also served on several demonstration teams.


If you need a quick and easy way to accurately measure structures, rooms, objects, and other things, the Fonesto F100 laser distance measurer is a fantastic option. This inexpensive tool provides fast and precise measurements every single time, plus is packed with helpful features.

The F100 model measures length, area, volume and provides continuous measurements as you move it toward or away from the target. There’s also the always welcome add/subtract feature, as well as the option for min/max distance tracking and Pythagoras measurements. As for its measuring range, it’s 328 feet with 1/8 inch accuracy. The device is simple to use and there is an option of switching between feet, inches, decimal feet, and metric units. If you’re wondering about visibility, the display is backlit which is great when measuring in dimly lit rooms.

This pocket-size laser measuring tool uses two AAA batteries which are included in the package.


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