Giantex Tool Box Tote Storage for Truck Pickup Bed

How are tool boxes mounted on a truck?

Side truck tool boxes can be mounted on one or both sides of the truck bed. These boxes run the length of the bed, allowing you to access the contents of the box without getting in the bed of your truck. Some truck tool boxes include support legs for greater stability.

How big is a jobox truck bed tool box?

Jobox Aluminum Truck Bed Tool Box Drawers Pin releases to allow drawer to be removed when necessary. Heavy-duty drawer glides supports up to 75lbs per drawer. Thumb-controlled latch release opens easily to provide quick, convenient access to…

Where can I get a free tool box?

Get your tool box delivered or pick it up in store for free. Don’t forget about the truck tool box accessories you may need, including truck bed storage drawers, transfer tanks and extra locks. Plus, shop thousands of truck accessories to really take your truck to the next level.

What are the benefits of a truck bed toolbox?

There are many benefits to equipping your pickup truck with a truck bed toolbox. Such as organized storage, protection from the weather and keeping prying thieves away. If you’re a contractor or tradesman, nothing makes a day more miserable than searching for the right tool.


Affordable, spacey and convenient, this tool box by Giantex is a perfect solution for truck owners who prefer simple and old-school-looking tool boxes. With a basic rectangle design, large storage space and a lockable lid, this no-fuss box can keep all of your tools and gear safe and secure, no matter the weather. Although it’s not 100% water-tight, the lid wraps down on the sides of the box, keeping things safe from snow and rain.

The Giantex is made of heavy-duty aluminum, so it’s sturdy and durable, guaranteed to last a long time. It comes with two handles on each side, making it easy to carry around if necessary. Another plus is that it has a lock and comes with 2 keys so you can safely put away all your tools and expensive gear inside without worrying about those thieving eyes. All in all, it’s a solid budget tool box that can be used for trucks, pickups, RVs and even ATVs.


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