EZ Travel Collection RV Awning Shade

What kind of awning do you need for an RV?

Many of the larger RV’s today have patio awnings that are too high to reach when they are fully extended, and that’s why they created the Solera Super Shade! The… Super Shade™ 17’W RV Awning Front Shade Panel by Solera Awnings®.

How to set up an RV side shade?

The loop end end fits over a small bracket mounted by your (exsisting) awning rail, while the other… SideBlocker™ 8’W x 6’H Sierra Brown RV Awning Side Shade Panel (88008202) by Carefree®. Set-up is easy. Sets up on either end of your awning. The loop end end fits over a small bracket mounted by your (exsisting) awning rail, while…

What do you need to know about carefree awnings?

Carefree’s exclusive focus is the design and manufacture of RV Awnings and RV Accessories, and this focus allows us to innovate and offer shade products that are unique and unsurpassed in terms of quality, value, performance and style. Carefree’s awnings are available in Electric or Manual configurations.

Which is the best shade for an awning?

Vista shade comes in various widths and lengths to fit your awning perfectly. Vista Shades provide a shady, cool space for the areas under your awning without blocking your view. If you have an awning, this awning shade is a top-rated addition for your RV, camper or trailer.


Our final choice comes in three sizes – 8 x 12, 8 x 16 or 8 x 20 feet – and therefore fits a wide range of different sized campervans. This is one of the cheapest options available and therefore you’ll find there will naturally be a few negatives to this – although the overall value for the money is still excellent.

This drop-down screen does block up to 80 percent of UV rays; however, you’ll find that many customers note that the screen does not provide as much privacy as other options. If, however, you’re seeking an item that gives you more protection from the sun’s rays than added privacy, it’s absolutely worth choosing this cheaper option.


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