EPAUTO GP171 Advanced Engine Air Filter


Let’s kick off the list with this little number from EPAUTO. The first thing to note is that this is a Toyota specific air filter – however, you may end up picking up a Toyota just so you can buy this bad boy.

Ok, ok, that may be a bit of an exaggeration! But at the same this model boasts a number of very good features. First off just look at the thickness of this product. Whilst the most basic models of air filters are going to be of that concertina style of construction, that’s not the case with this air filter. It is nice and thick because it bringing a huge level of filtration material to the party.

That is going to provide a very high level of filtration, backing up the manufacturers claim that this product will seriously help to extend engine performance. You get all that for less than 10 bucks too.

Hmm… what was the number of that Toyota dealership again?

engine air filter autozone

Just like you make it a habit to use the right type of oil, you should also get in the habit of using a … EPAUTO GP171 Advanced Engine Air Filter 2. 1.

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