BLT G-Floor Ribbed Garage Floor Mat

Can a BLT G-floor be used as a parking pad?

All BLT G-Floor garage floor mats can be installed individually as ‘Parking Pads’ are they can be used to cover the entire garage floor. The ribbed pattern offers the unique advantages of being able to contain and channel water and debris. Instead of running all over your garage floor, moisture stays within the grooves.

How long does it take to install BLT G-floor garage floor mats?

The BLT G-Floor ribbed garage floor mat is a roll out PVC garage flooring that replaces the need for time-consuming epoxy products and interlocking garage floor tiles. In many cases you can complete your installation in under two hours and drive on your new floor right away! The mats are constructed from your choice of a 110 Mil or 130 Mil PVC.

Where to put BLT ribbed roll garage floor mats?

BLT cuts 5×10 mats out of 10′ stock so the ribs run the opposite direction from standard mats. Simply unpack, unroll and trim to fit. Many consumers will use just under the car while others will cover the entire garage floor. Ribs channel moisture and debris, protecting your garage floor.

Where are G-floor garage floor mats made?

It is also essential to consider where the garage mats are manufactured. We typically suggest the G-Floor product as it is proudly Made in the USA. G-Floor mats are made in Emporia, KS.


Customers don’t often appreciate a heavy mat. Yet for those who aren’t planning on lugging their mat around with them, G-Floor’s garage mat is simply perfect. This mat lays down flat as a pancake and won’t blow away without a fight.

Manufactured from 55 mils base thickness PVC, this mat has been designed with ridges. Not only do they hold all water and dirt that has slid off of the mat’s surface, they also stop any dirt and grime from getting on to the mat itself! If you’re fed up of slipping all over in your garage, then this mats for you.


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