James E. Duffy – Auto Body Repair Technology


James E. Duffy poses to be a very effective author when it comes to car mechanic books, with numerous best-selling books. The James E. Duffy — Auto Body Repair Technology is a publication filled with up to date information on the recent practices in automotive technology, as well as in-depth knowledge of industry-based procedures. It has a powerful compilation of the most recent Automotive Service Excellence Education Foundation Collision Repair as well as ASE’s Refinishing Program Standards.

Furthermore, the book is targeted at providing readers with the best resolution to problems encountered during repairs and operations, and seeks to provide all the essential information necessary to survive and conduct effortless and outstanding repairs as an automotive technician. What’s more, it aids in all the structural aspects of repairs, reconstruction, damages, designing, refinishing, repainting, and properly taking a vehicle from its wrecked form to a work of art. Overall, this publication provides the information needed on electric vehicles as well as hybrid cars, and on using diverse methods and various equipment concerning matters of collision.


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