Drive Auto Products Car Trunk Organizer

How big is a drive auto trunk organizer?

The Beloved Car Trunk Organizer is now available complete with industry exclusive lock down harness, large pockets, and sturdy frame inserts all from the trusted name – DRIVE Auto Products. Fully Opened Product Dimensions are 23 Inches Long by 17 Inches Wide by 11 Inches Tall.

What kind of trunk organizer does Walmart use?

Plano Sportsman’s Automotive Medium Lockable Trunk f … . Willstar High Capacity Adjustable Car Trunk Organize … . 1 Pack Car Seat Back Organizer, Auto Seat Multi-Pock …

What kind of car organizer does Walmart have?

2 Universal Car Back Seat Headrest Hanger Holder Hoo … Car Trunk Organizer Cargo Organizer Folding Caddy St … Collapsible Folding Trunk Organizer Caddy Car Auto T … Car Registration and Insurance Holder – PU Leather V … Carefree Car-Ride!

What do you put in the trunk of your car?

If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission. Between jumper cables, camping gear, and lacrosse sticks, your car trunk is responsible for stashing a lot of stuff. So it’s no surprise this convenient storage space can quickly devolve into clutter.


Another highly convenient car storage organizer by Drive Auto Products, but this one is specifically a car trunk organizer, and makes an ideal gift for drivers who like to keep their things organized. Though keep in mind it isn’t that deep, the straps are weak, and it does include plastic that may break over time.

This automotive carrier bag is sturdy, spacious and highly versatile as it comes with various pockets, insert panels and side straps. It’s ideal for grocery shopping, road trips, business trips and generally for drivers who like to keep their car spaces clean and neat. Although the bag is collapsible and can be placed on the front or back seat with no problem, it is best suited for trunks as it can become quite bulky depending on how many things you stuff inside.


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