Metabo Die Grinder

How much power does a Metabo die grinder have?

The mains-powered die grinders are available with a rated input power of 710 watt or alternatively a high-torque variant with 950 watt. The cordless die grinder are part of the large 18 volt cordless class and can be operated with any 18 volt battery pack from Metabo.

Where can I buy Metabo parts for my tool?

Shop Metabo Parts online by tool, model, and schematics. Tool Parts Direct carries over 10,000 Metabo parts and over 5,000 Metabo replacement parts schematics for Metabo power tools. Designed by professionals. For professionals.

Which is the best die grinder on the market?

Metabo die grinders are among the slimmest and most compact machines on the market. The powerful motors of the mains-powered and cordless die grinders offer maximum productivity with high precision for all applications. Wherever metal constructions are manufactured, a robust die grinder must not be missing.

What kind of carbide cutters do Metabo use?

A wide range of carbide cutters is offered by Metabo: All application-relevant shapes and toothed gears as well as special cutters for aluminium with a special gearing are available. Metabo also offers mounted points made from aluminium oxide and pink aluminium oxide in the standard shapes.


The Metabo G Plus Die Grinding Unit is an exceptional product. The Metabo G Plus die grinder is made in Germany under careful supervision. It features top-quality materials that enhance its function and durability.

A single purchase includes a set of power tools and accessories, 120 in total, that make all tasks more doable within a shorter frame of time. All accessories are user friendly, so you won’t require any particular technical know-how to get your grinder to function. The Metabo G Plus grinder is a leading force in the household equipment industry and is backed by years of positive customer feedback. We recommend this unit for individuals seeking quality and reliability.


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