Dometic Double Door RV Refrigerator

How big is a Dometic double door refrigerator?

Dometic DM2662RB is a double door RV refrigerator that comes with easy eye-level control and automatic LP ignition system. The internal dimension of six cubic feet provides enough space to keep all your RV food supply fresh and healthy. This item is temporarily unavailable.

Where are the screws on a Dometic refrigerator?

• The rear of the refrigerator can be accessed through the vent door on the side of the RV. There could be screws holding the unit in, at this location, and they can be seen at the bottom of the refrigerator. On Dometic refrigerators, there are frame rails that sometimes have screws holding it to the RV.

Where can I buy Dometic parts for my RV?

Dometic RV Parts for Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, Furnaces, and Water Heaters! We, here at Seek Adventure LLC, pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of the Dometic products we sell, the affordable rate we’re able to sell them for, and the superior customer service we’re committed to provide.

Can a conventional refrigerator work in a Dometic RV?

A conventional fridge wouldn’t have that flexibility. No appliance is without its problems, which means a section on Dometic RV refrigerator troubleshooting is necessary. Here are a few common fridge challenges along with solutions.


Anyone on the lookout for space, organization and all-around efficiency in a compact form is in luck. As a Dometic fridge, this device represents the brand to the core on all fronts. The Dometic Double Door RV Refrigerator offers up all the comforts of a large fridge in a nice comfy package. It is loaded with features that make it the best option for mobile homes of all types. First, it has a seven-cubic-foot capacity, which is one cubic foot more than rival brands with the same exterior dimensions. In addition, it has four interior food shelves and self-locking door handles. What makes it even better is its eye-level automatic LED controls that make it incredibly easy to use and operate. The list goes on and on, making this one of the best domestic refrigerators available.


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