Dewalt Wool Buffing Pad and Backing Pad Kit

What kind of buffing pad does DeWalt use?

DEWALT DW4985CL 7-Inch Wool Buffing Pad and backing pad combo kit includes one 7-Inch wool buffing and one rubber backing pad. They are made from high quality materials for consistent performance and durability. Batteries Required?

What is included in the DeWalt foam pad kit?

What’s Included?: DeWalt DWP849X Rotary Buffer – is a lighter, more powerful polisher designed to restore automotive paint with more comfort and control. (1) Blue Polishing Pad- is for light polishing action. You would use these pads for paint that is in relatively good shape.

What kind of PAD do you use to buff paint?

This professional grade wool buffing pad removes oxidized paint and scratches without leaving swirl marks. Suitable for compounding and buffing applications, this wool pad comes with a centering pilot tool.

What kind of backing plate does DeWalt rotary polisher use?

A backing plate is included. Minimize the transfer of heat from the polisher to the pad with this Flexible Rotary Backing Plate. The backing plate is made of durable, molded urethane with a flexible, beveled edge. Hook and loop fasteners secure pads to the plate.


If you’re not sold on foam, you could try this Wool Buffing Pad and Backing Pad Kit by Dewalt (another giant in the world of polishing tools.) This kit includes a single buffing pad that’s 7-inches in diameter and a rubber backing pad, so you can use it with a polisher (it will fit the DWP849X buffer by Dewalt). The backing pad has a hook and loop fastening to hold it securely in place.

The wool construction of this pad makes it quite durable. Some have used this buffing pad for polishing fiberglass – although others say it deposits a large amount of wool fiber upon first use, so beware that you may need to follow it with a foam finishing pad to achieve a perfect finish. It’s also worth noting that this is a one-sided pad, and a double-sided pad may be more effective.


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