Coleman Rv Camper Manual Thermostat

Is there a manual thermostat for an RV?

If you’re looking for a simple, manual thermostat to replace an old broken one, Coleman’s Mach Manual option is simple and affordable. However, you won’t be able to pre-program temperatures ahead of time, and since it’s analog rather than digital, it may not work on the newest RV HVAC models.

What kind of air conditioner does a Coleman camper use?

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What’s the model number of a Coleman thermostat?

What’s Your Model Number? Attractive and user-friendly heating and cooling from the comfort of your RV.

How to wire a Coleman Mach AC thermostat?

Click here Go HERE for a copy of their t-stat instructions and wiring diagrams. These are Installing the on my RV with propane furnace and AC. Use wire nuts to make wire connections. For use in campers and RV’s with various 12V Coleman Mach Airxcel A/C systems. Contains the following wires: Blue.


The Coleman RV Camper Thermostat is a simple thermostat unit that delivers total control of your fans, gas, air conditioner, heat pump, and electrical strip heating systems. This is one of the most convenient wall thermostats around, designed for easy use by customers. To help you maintain the ideal environment, you need for your daily activities; you can set up your thermostat by employing the units easy to slide selection switch. This is a switch that sets the temperature of your room via the thermistor air temperature sensor, which activates cooling and heating as needed. The switches infused into the design of this thermostat allow you to control the fan speed settings, cooling and heating of your space as desired, and this results in your comfort all day long.

The Coleman programmable rv thermostat complements all interiors effortlessly, thanks to its sleek and attractive appearance. We love this contemporary RVer because it is electronic and reduces your need for electricity. This item is well designed and highly regarded by many RV owners all across the globe. With little to no issues, this thermostat promises to do its job to the best of its ability. This is the perfect model among the full range of analog models in today’s market. 


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