Bell Air Attack Bicycle Pump

When to use the bell air attack 650?

As a very high volume pump, the Bell Air Attack 650 has exceptional speed when inflating a tire at low pressure. At higher pressures relative to the pump’s capability (over 70psi or so), it becomes exceptionally difficult to thrust the pump’s handle down.

How do you release air from Bell bike pump?

If it still needs more air, just place the pump head back onto your tire valve and pump more air into it. If you’ve over-inflated your tire, you can release air by turning your tire gauge over and using the other side of the gauge to push down on the valve stem, releasing air until the pressure is within the recommended range.

What kind of air pump does a bicycle use?

Portable Bike Balls Tire Inflator Floor Air Pump w … . Bicycle Cycling Tyre Mini Air Pump, Ultra-durable Po … . TSV Bicycle Cycling Tyre Mini Air Pump, Silver Ultra … Outtop Bicycle Bike Cycle Tyre Tube Replacement Pres … Bicycle Floor Pump Metal Hand Foot Air Bike Tire Shr … 150PSI Bike Electric Inflator Bicycle Cycle Air Pres … .

What is the base of a bell air attack made of?

The base of the Air Attack is made of very lightweight plastic but does get a little extra heft from the gauge built into the front. The gauge helps prevent it from tipping forward, but there is nothing to prevent the pump from tipping backward, which it does fairly easily if bumped.


The Bell Air Attack range is designed with a high-volume wide barrel to quickly inflate wider tires up to 100 psi. It has an extra-large, soft-touch handle for comfort and a wide base for stability and comes with ball needle and inflation cone to inflate sports ball and floaties.

If you’re looking for more, you’ll be pleased to know that the full range includes: Air Attack 350 pump, fast with a reversible Schrader/Presta pump head; the Air Attack 450, even faster with a reversible Schrader/Presta pump head and the Air Attack 650, the fastest with a dual Schrader/Presta pump head and a bottom mount gauge.


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