CARTMAN 12V Car Battery & Alternator Tester

How does a Cartman car battery tester work?

When conducting a battery check using the Cartman Car Battery and Alternator Tester, you simply have to connect the red clamp to the positive terminal, and the black clamp to the negative terminal of your battery – with your car turned off. The tester will then illuminate the OK light, followed by the battery state.

Which is the best battery and alternator tester?

Performance Tool Cigarette Lighter Car Battery and Alternator Tester (W2989) Another battery tester that uses your car’s cigarette lighter is offered by Performance Tool. Like the INNOVA tester, you simply have to plug this into the cigarette lighter in your car and the LED indicators will show you the status of your battery and alternator.

How do you check the condition of an alternator?

Place the red lead on the (+) positive terminal holding the probe by the rubber insulated grip. If the battery is in good condition 3 or 4 LED’s will illuminate if in a poor state, only 1 or 2 LED’s will activate. To check the condition of the alternator connect the black lead (-) terminal to the alternator.

What kind of battery tester do I need for my car?

Colored LEDs on the device indicate the status of your car’s battery and alternator, while a black rubber painted body makes it nice and durable. This tester uses 30-amp Alligator Clamps. Testing range on the Motopower Digital Battery Tester is 4 volts to 20 volts for all types of 12-volt batteries.


The Cartman Car Battery and Alternator Tester is an excellent device to check battery condition and alternator charging. This device is great value and easy to use and will enable you to check battery charge with ease and simplicity. The LED display indicates the condition of 12 Volt batteries. Customers have praised the high-quality clamps on the device and the convenience of the alternator tester. This is a great gadget if you want to combine ease and value. It’s also super light weight and perfect to keep in your car.


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