Carhartt Men’s Cold Snap Insulated Work Glove

What kind of gloves are Carhartt waterproof gloves?

Carhartt Insulated Waterproof Gloves – A511 Country Of Origin China Season Winter Features Insulated, Lined, Waterproof Type Cold Weather, General Purpose Style Full Gloves, Long Gloves 8 more rows …

When was the first Carhartt Work glove made?

Founded in 1889, Carhartt is known for producing durable, reliable, comfortable gear that stands up to the elements for hard-working people. Carhartt work gloves are built to take on any job in any condition. 24-7.

When to wear Carhartt high dexterity work gloves?

Wear Carhartt High Dexterity gloves when you need the accuracy of a bare hand and the protection, comfort, and durability of a work glove. Protect you hands with Carhartt’s rugged Work and Garden gloves, now made with premium System 5 synthetic leather.

When to get 25% off Carhartt force?

Carhartt Force® is engineered for sweat-fighting, fast-drying performance. Offer valid through 6/20. SHOP 25% OFF FORCE > Summer Must-Haves That Do The Most


A much more subtle design than the gloves we just looked at!  In fact, if you look at them from a certain angle, they kind of look like Ice Hockey gloves – maybe a subtle nod to their Canadian origins.

The exterior shell of the gloves is 100% polyester. That’s a useful material to see, as it provides a tough, wind and water-resistant outer whilst also allowing the wicking qualities of the liner and insulation to do their thing keeping your hands dry. The lining is not removable, but is designed to be incredibly soft and, as we mentioned, both breathable and moisture wicking.

The outer of the glove has also been reinforced in strategic areas. Around the fingers and across the knuckles you will find soft but tough goat leather. The palm is also of goat leather, with additional support from strategically placed strips of polyurethane.

All in all then, a pretty basic glove design in quite a lot of ways. At the same time, a very tough one that, physically at least, should be able to take a lot of punishment.


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