SKSAE Rowdy Mudguard

What kind of mudguards do SKS Germany use?

Reliable and variable: Mudguards from SKS GERMANY make your bike fit for any weather. They impress with intelligent details such as reflectors or an integrated rear light. VELO 42 URBAN SET INCL. STAYS

What kind of mudguard do I need for my bike?

Get the SKS rear mudguard for your bike or for any loved one who is into motorcycles. It is compatible with any seat post and can be used effortlessly for the various types of wet-weather cycling, which always brings happiness and joy to the hearts of bikers around the world.

Which is the best set of Halfords mudguards?

So with a versatile range covering all budgets, there really is something for every rider at Halfords. Our range of mudguard sets will provide you with the highest level of protection, as they feature both front and rear guards.


Meet the SKS Rowdy fender set. This is a fantastic unit designed and developed by a leading manufacturer in the bike equipment industry. It features a high quality and durable construction thanks to the intelligent combination of plastic and metal hardware. If you ever had any doubt about the functionality of this mudguard, the countless positive reviews from existing customers will beg to differ. The SKS Rowdy fender is adjustable and can be customized to pivot and offer extra coverage when needed. Its rear mounts onto the seat post of any bike enabling it to provide all the protection you require and more. This is a durable, functional, and attractive bike fender, and we can guarantee your safety and the security of your bike once this mud flaps is attached to your bicycle. This fender is well suited for both you and anyone who loves to get involved in bicycles and commuting bikes.


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