BV Bicycle Ergonomic Bike Floor Pump

Which is the best BV bicycle Floor Pump?

BV Bike Pump is a high quality bicycle floor pump with easy-to read large gauge and smart valve head that can fit both Presta and Schrader. This pump is available in 2 colors – yellow and silver. The solid and sturdy bike pump is the perfect bicycle pump for competitive and social riders.

How does a bike Floor Pump work on a bike?

You start by putting the appropriate connection on your bike’s valve stem, and locking it on with a turn. After pumping up the tire you have to turn the lock the other way to release the valve head. Because of a flaw in the design of the ‘smart’ valve head, the air in the tire is blows out through the ‘smart’ valve head.

What kind of pump do I need for my bike?

Let us find it for you >> Click here to send your request! Bike pumps come in two main forms. Floor bicycle pumps, which are kept at home, are quick and easy to achieve high pressures. Hand pumps, mini pumps are kept on the bike in the event of a flat whilst out on a ride.

What kind of nozzle does a bike Floor Pump have?

Any decent floor pump has cylinder, a plunger, a hose, a gauge and a nozzle — also called a “chuck” — and more often than not, a nozzle with two ports for presta and schraeder, or a single “smart” nozzle to fit both types of valves.


A great bicycle floor pump for anyone, the BV pump’s long steel barrel means more air is pushed through with each pump making inflation easy and fast. The lockable, twin valve design ensures an easy switch between Presta and Schrader valves with no air leaks.

This pump can inflate to 160 psi and has a large gauge for easy reading and an extra-long hose with a 360-degree pivot, comfortable oversized handle and a stable base. BV gives a one-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.


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