LabatoStyle Women’s Casual Leather Driving Moccasins

Where does Itasca leathergoods make their moccasins?

Itasca Leathergoods’ products are all hand crafted, one at a time, in our original Factory Store in northern Minnesota. Check out the videos to watch our products being made from start to finish. Leather, leather, leather. It’s all about the leather. Let’s summarize: Great leather makes the best moccasins.

What kind of leather is used in moccasins?

At Moccasins Canada we offer a great selection of authentic and fashionable women’s moccasins handmade and hand sewn by authentic Canadian Native Americans using the best genuine moosehide, deer skin, elk skin and cow hide leathers.

What kind of leather is a p.w.driving MOC made of?

Our P.W. Driving Moc has always been a statement of style and class, and now there are 20 variations to choose from. Constructed with luxurious Horween leather, the mocs honor the tradition of handmade craftsmanship. Made to order, choose from loafer or leather laced styles and different color options.

What kind of moccasins are comfortable for men?

Our soft sole handmade authentic moccasin slippers come with a double leather sole with foam in-between for guanranteed comfort. We also carry men’s soft sole suede leather moccasins slippers with fleece lining or sheepskin for warmth during the winter months.


LabatoStyle’s comfy and flexible shoes are perfect for hitting the open road. Each shoe features a hand-stitched leather top, with the natural rubber sole. These materials combine to offer a really flexible final product, which provides excellent grip too. Thanks to breathable soles, they’re also guaranteed to keep your feet cool and fresh.

With eight different colors to choose from, there’s sure to be something to fit everyone’s taste. The casual, loafer-style design is easy to wear with almost anything, and also has the bonus of doubling up as a slipper for household wear. Customers say that the soft inner lining makes them comfortable to wear for long periods, while the chic, simple style makes them incredibly versatile.


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