Liquid Wrench L711 Chain & Cable Lube

When to use Liquid Wrench chain and cable Lube?

Liquid Wrench Chain and Cable Lube with CERFLON are for all chains and wire cable. Use in industrial, farm, cycle and ATV applications. Contains anti-wear additives and synthetic moly for premium performance. Dry time optimized for maximum protection so lubricant dries only after entering chain links or cable strands.

What kind of lube do you use on a bicycle chain?

It is specifically recommended for bicycle chains (among a host of other applications). “New, anti-sling formula, Liquid Wrench Chain Lube, works best on high performance bicycle and garage door opener chains for long term corrosion protection.” I figured “what the heck”. The worst if could do is cause my chain to age prematurely.

Which is better Liquid Wrench chain or boeshield?

Perhaps not quite as clean as with Boeshield, but certainly cleaner than with the old Liquid Wrench Chain Lube formulation, and cleaner than with other oil-based lubes I’ve tried. It still got a bit of the black gunk after awhile (Boeshield did that, too), but not bad.

What kind of lube to use on cable?

Super Lube Anti-Corrosion and Connector Gel is a specially formulated high molecular weight connector gel used as a dielectric compound and as a corrosion inhibitor. It will provide much better protection than typical grease.


The next product we present for your consideration is all about penetration. The manufacturer has specially formulated it to provide deep penetration on your bike chain. It does this by only drying once it has entered and drenched the interior of the chain links (particularly useful with O and X ring styles of chain). Once it has penetrated and dried, it provides a lot of useful secondary functions. It prevents oxidation, which helps to prolong component life. It has also been dosed with anti-wear additives and synthetic moly for  high-end performance.

Lubrication levels are high and designed to help minimize wear and tear on the chain. Once dry, this chain lubricant will stay exactly where it needs to because it’s an anti-sling lube. True to the product name, it is a little more liquid than some other lubes on the market. That can make it a little messier to apply.

LIQUID WRENCH L711 | McLendon Hardware

Liquid WRENCH® Chain and cable lube with Cerflon® is for all chains and wire cable, industrial, farm, cycle, ATV. Contains anti-wear additives and synthetic …


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