Bamboo Skateboards Pin Tail Blank Skateboard Deck

What kind of wheels do Bamboo Skateboards have?

Bamboo’s complete longboards have larger trucks and wheels, which makes them compatible with their longer decks. These boards feature beachy-themed graphics such as surfers, sunsets, and volcanoes.

How many Bucs do you get for bamboo skateboard?

You will earn 57 Bamboo Bucs for purchasing this product. Enjoy the natural beauty of this Bamboo Blank deck. Pop. Strength. Sustainability. This deep-concave, 4th generation bamboo hybrid deck features a new and improved construction resulting in longer lasting durability and performance.

How to buy Bamboo skateboards, longboards, cruisers?

Select your favorite Longboard or Cruiser deck and graphic design. Add custom trucks and wheels from a wide variety of colors and styles. View your choices in real time and experiment with different combinations. Compare finalists side by side with our real-time comparison feature! Need more time?

Can you make a skateboard out of blank wood?

Our wide selection of blank skateboard decks is all you need to get moving. Choose from a variety of finished wood decks that come in solid colors and unpainted plain styles. You still get the high performance results you crave, plus it’s tons cheaper!


The Bamboo Skateboards Pin Tail Deck is an award winning skating deck that is guaranteed to blow your mind. It no surprise that this blank longboard deck won an award for the skateboard of the year in 2012 and its performance as a longboard, is simply unmatched. This skate deck is made with a 7 ply bamboo and its flexibility shines through. This deck is one that flexes and bends like no other. As this skateboard deck is made from 100 percent high quality bamboo, this board is completely sustainable and environmentally friendly.

It features a slightly concave structure that combine both the benefits that come from having a concave design such as added levels of control when riding along with the benefits that come with having a flat board such as great space for footing and an ability to perform board walking easily. The pin tail skateboard deck is a great beauty with its defined pin tail shape and its smooth and polished wooden appeal, and so your only dilemma when you purchase it would be whether to actually ride it or just hang it up for display.


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