CarLock Real-Time 3G Car Tracker & Alert System

How does Carlock car tracking and alert system work?

CarLock monitors and alerts you on your phone when your vehicle is moved, when the engine starts, if unusual vibration is detected & even if the device is disconnected! Great Tracker!! "I can find our work truck any time of the work day. It was a breeze to set up.

Is there a real time car tracking system?

Affordable and easy-to-use real-time tracker for your car with unique security features. Track your car and get notified of suspicious behavor directly on your smartphone. Will It Work With My Car? Please select… Security Teen Driving Fleet Management Other Yes, I would like to receive special offers and be updated about CarLock.

Which is the best real time car alarm system?

CARLOCK – 2nd Gen Advanced Real Time 3G Car Tracker & Car Alarm. Comes with Device & Phone App. Easily Tracks Your Car in Real Time & Notifies You Immediately of Suspicious Behavior.OBD Plug&Play

Where can I install Carlock basic car tracker?

The basic tracker however is more security focused. Can be easily installed directly to the battery terminals for a semi discrete but very easy installation option but also offers the ability to hard wire anywhere else in your vehicle where you can provide a permanent live and and earth supply giving much more concealed options.


A good car alarm system equals a safe car and a happy owner. That’s why CarLock is one of the best practical car gifts you could ever buy. This real-time tracking system monitors the vehicle and alerts of suspicious activities via an app.

Unlike a regular car alarm which not only frequently gives false alarms, but can only alert the owner if they’re close by, the CarLock system alerts the owner of any suspicious activity no matter where they are—whether a car is being moved, the engine starts, or any unusual vibration is happening, the system will detect it in real time and alert the owner via their phone. The device also monitors the health of the vehicle and can alert—in advance—when the battery is running low or is experiencing a drain.


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