BottlePro Cup Holder Adapter

How does the bottlepro adjustable cup holder adapter work?

The 2 removable plastic size adjusters plus the neoprene sleeve make for a super tight fit. Once the cupholder is installed it is snug and takes a bit of effort to remove (that’s a good thing!) Highly recommend, and would buy again. This product works exactly as advertised. Fits my 40 oz Hydro Flask quite well.

Can a water bottle be put in a cup holder?

Thrilled to finally have a way to keep my giant water bottle upright and not have it tossing around my car! This product is so thoughtfully designed. You can tell that someone put a lot of time and energy into making this product work for a myriad of car cup holder designs. It comes with multiple adapters to make it work in many cars.

Can a Hydro Flask be used as a cup holder?

The cup holder side walls are rather low which allows a taller bottle like the 40 oz hydro flask to tip to and fro, without necessarily letting the bottle come out…….yet…..I’ll update after my first emergency response in my v8 Hemi Charger. A great solution for the home, too!

Which is the best cup holder adapter for your car?

This sleeve makes sure you get a great fit, even if your vehicle’s cup holders are between BottlePro’s base sizes. Use your Soft Fit foam sleeve and know that your vehicle’s cup holders will be protected from scratches and damage.


A simple but effective universal cup holder, this device can change your standard car cup holder into a giant that will happily meet the needs of any travel mug. Being able to hold up to 40-ounce mugs (including the YETI options) securely and without much fuss, this is a great choice for those taking in the daily commute.

There are two ways to expand this option, whereby you can alter the depth of your cup holder to meet the needs of your cups, mugs or bottles, and you can extend the width for better stability. It also comes with a soft fit sleeve, so you can be sure that your car will remain undamaged by scratches during fitting or on rockier roads.


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