AquaDoodle Travel Toy For Toddlers

How does an Aquadoodle travel Doodle mat work?

It’s very easy to use, simply fill the Aquadoodle pen with ordinary tap water, run the nib over the magic mat and see the colours appear! Any water that does run off the mat, runs clear. This travel drawing toy is an excellent gift for your little artist to so he can draw and doodle at home and on-the-go.

How old do you have to be to use an Aqua Doodle Pad?

Let your child experience a creative tour with a Travel Doodle. The manufacturer advocates for kids between 24 months to 4 years who can use this brilliant play tool with ease and comfort. AquaDoodle is made up of three quality materials; 61% fabric, 13% paper, and 26% plastic.

What are some good travel Drawing toys that don’t require water?

The AquaDoodle Travel Doodle play toy is a soft, portable mat used as a travel drawing toy. The no-mess mat only needs water to “paint” red and blue. However, the use of the additional recommended accessories and pens work well too if your child is hoping to use more colors.

What kind of material is Aqua Doodle Pad made out of?

AquaDoodle is made up of three quality materials; 61% fabric, 13% paper, and 26% plastic. This allows your child to display their skills and talents on a top quality mat without wearing it out.


Perfect for creative minds and those who simply love to squiggle, the AquaDoodle is a great option for flexing those hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. All you need to do is add water to the AquaDoodle pen and feel free to let their imaginations run wild. The only major downfall here is that the included pen only draws in red and blue, so you might wish to invest in a few more pens if your little one likes to use lots of different colors- or simply has a favorite.

Made from plastic, paper and fabric, this is a lightweight option that easily folds up to be put away or carried with you, thanks to extra handle. Despite this, it’s surprisingly durable and strong, easily handling the trials and tribulations that comes with being a toddler toy for travel.


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