Alaska Leather Medium Motorcycle Seat Foam

What kind of seat cover does Alaska leather use?

"For those who prefer natural materials, look no further think sheepskin seat covers, or "buttpads" as Alaska Leather refers to them, provides additional padding as well as cooling when its hot and warmth when its cold. When piling on the miles, this translates into comfort.

What kind of foam do you use for a motorcycle seat?

Replace it with a sturdy base layer of dense closed-cell foam and a top layer of softer polyurethane (open-cell) foam. Determine the desired height and angle of the seat, and then trim the new foam to these custom dimensions with an electric carving knife.

Where can I get a custom motorcycle seat?

Mac’s fits, builds and repairs motorcycle seats. We also manufacture custom seats, motorcycle seat foam and motorcycle seat covers to your specifications. Cafe to cruiser, sport bike to dirt, touring to classic, we do it all.

Is the memory foam on a motorcycle a gimmick?

Memory foam motorcycle seats are a gimmick, don’t be conned by this. If you have any experance with stock motorcycle seats, you know what we mean when we say "seats as hard as rock". Many people tend to go to the extreme opposite to avoid a hard seat but this only creates a whole other mess of issues.


This Alaska Leather Medium Sheepskin Seat Pad is made from 100% real sheepskin, and attaches easily to most seats using the single adjustable elastic strap, which passes under the seat. The pad is designed to provide natural temperature control, keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter.

General consensus from users is that it achieves this aim, and increases overall riding comfort – providing you already have a good seat. The lack of gel or any padding means it won’t compensate for an uncomfortable seat, or provide relief on pressure points as other pads do, but if you’re purely looking for something to keep you cool and reduce sweating and heat rash, this is perfect.


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