XYZCTEM All Season Motorcycle Cover

What makes xyzctem motorcycle cover Gentle on face?

GENTLE ON FACE– Protect your vehicle with a premium motorcycle cover that’s non-scratch,lightweight and soft on face. 24 Hours Service &ENHANCE DURABILITY – Feel free to contact us if any issue we will provide serive in 24 Hours,Each motorcycle cover is made with double-stitched, windproof fabric that stands up to even the toughest weather.

What’s the best material for a motorcycle cover?

Common choices for waterproof materials when construction waterproof outdoor equipment include polyester, nylon, and types of vinyl or polyurethane. There are many variants and when waterproof breathable fabrics get involved, the possible combinations quickly begin to multiply.

When to put a cover on a motorcycle?

Do NOT put this cover on your bike until it has cooled off! Best for indoor storage use as a motorcycle dust cover and winterization of your motorcycle. Motorcycle covers are a necessary part of owning a nice bike. You’ll eventually need a tarp to cover that beautiful motorcycle from dust, rain, or scratches.

What makes a motorcycle cover good for wind?

Wind-resistant: These covers are designed to protect your bike in windy conditions with ventilation cutouts or mesh for enhanced airflow. By facilitating airflow, the cover actually reduces the bike’s chance of tipping over in whipping winds.


This is a waterproof motorcycle cover and general bike rain cover. It has a universal fit, so those looking for a cover for their Harley-Davidson, Honda, Suzuki, etc. can purchase this one without worrying about the size.

It protects your bike from various weather conditions as the material is treated so that it protects against UV rays, rain, dust, heat, and even tree sap.

It comes with a storage bag, so you can easily take it with you wherever you go. It also has lock holes, so you can secure it and protect it from thieves. Overall, it has been carefully designed to answer your motorcycle rain cover needs.


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